Saturday, June 12, 2010

My dumbness

i remembered when my friend said 'FLO UR LIFE SEEMS VERY COMPLICATED' hmm.. i smile at him without saying anything, but im started to think that "hell yeah my life is complicated" i even dont know what should i do. ive been thinking always how could i succeed, i just wanna make a better life, but as always Im a followers, i realise that i should make a transform but still i dont know how to interpret it. everybody thought i dont care about my own life, my future, my family.. ooops..ure totally have the wrong idea about me, ive cried and everyday im trying to find out how to be a thinkers and stop to being a followers, hmm im trying to be assertive.. nobody knows, nobody cares, this is my life, everybody keep giving me advice but see?? afterall they left me without saying any words, i just dont know why a person could lift u up, inspiring, motivating but they also could leave pain inside u without a reason. u know what ? it hurts. ive failed so many times to manage my life, but i have no doubt, i believe i will be what i wanna be. because i know i can and just need some effort, dreams will be true because we chase for it right? hmm.. i dont know why nowadays im feelin so blue and ive made some stupid things.. i hope life could be better each and everyday.. in other thought, i need someone to lead me, to lean on when im down but that someone has gone because of my stupidity to not listen to his words. im sorry and i just wanna wish u well. well, as always regret always come late after we realise it..

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