Monday, June 14, 2010


Nothing is better than to just be ourself. We think, we try to make ourself as good as we wanna be and its just because we want everybody to keep on eye on our look, our appearance, neither a women or a men, everybody wanna look fabulous, isnt it ? as the time goes by,we might be realise that its not a necessary anymore, as a human we are far from perfect but our imperfection is not an Alibi for us to not to keep develop ourself. its a human nature if most of us appraise a person by their appearance, we live in this truly realistic world..agree? yes just admit it. :) ok, the point i talk about imperfection is because i just realised that actually, i dont have to force myself so hard to satisfy others opinion bout me..,hmm.. its their choice if they couldnt accept and its not my fault.. i try to be the best and i must be good for sure, but i must know my ability.. one thing, the truly beauty is inside us not just outside..Afterall, i just need to be with a person that could accept my imperfection, which is a person that could make me feel perfect when that person and I together as one and say 'hey im not seeking for a perfect person but a person that could make me feel perfect because she/he is my precios one'. sweet! isnt it? so why we try so hard to be somebody else ? =) Im sure God will send me The One, lets wait for His time and let His will be done. He know us better than ourself. Im His beloved daughter, His Precious. Love u Papah JC.

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