Thursday, May 17, 2012


dammit! alright! i had write alot about what has been on my mind.. then suddenly it all disappear! so! im gonna overwrite this again! well.. shit always happen sometimes.. errrr

sooo.. sometimes we lost ourselves, losing our mind.. staring the reflection in the mirror.. realised why we have to did this to ourselves.. being fear of every possibility that might comes... fear of society.. fear of moving on, fear of being you.. the best of you.. well its not easy to follow our heart tho.. then one day.. it might comes the day when you realise and regret of the decision which you should have take or decide in the past..
people can say anything... they can tell you what to do.. but in the end we dont live to please anybody.. instead of thinking why you're not good enough for everybody.. better start to be the best of you.. be gorgeous, be fabulous, be smart, be pretty, who are you not to be ? people might say you're naive, impossible.. so? lololol! whatever we do is never good enough for everybody anyway.. they will either like it or hate it.. dont give a shit about people who gives shit to you. people are just people and who are they to even judge you.. sometimes we tried so hard and keeps torturing ourselves in order to fulfill their fckn wish and hoping that they will like it. well. . . are you happy ? prolly nope.. pppphhhhhtttttttt im gonna sayy hellooooo f*ck yea society!! society kills! kills every the best things in you, yourself. f*ck discrimination. f*ck social grades, f*ck everything that make you feels like a loser. ok . im done. im talking like im losing my mind. rofl. well the point is.. take the positive point, let it be the reason for you to being motivated, whatever or how sucks it is..just keep remind yourself everyday that you're going to be amazing! cause you are born to be! yeah! umm.. keep in faith! welcome transformation, revolution, or whatever it is! *salute!

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