Tuesday, April 12, 2011

love love love is it love ?

you know what love is,
first you act silly and the world became so blueee alias galau...
then what you wanna do is to hearing from them and once you got their texts, you will jumped off from the bed and scream aloud like an idiot and smile all day long, you will always re-read his texts or bbm! ROTFL!!!! you always wish him to text you first. when he didnt text you then you started to think "OH CHEESE & FRIES!! HE'S NOT THAT INTO ME :( there you are! the galau attack!! LOL!"

well according to my point of view..hmmm lets compare and see the fact..
i think.. nowadays there are so many girls are became more aggresive than a men, maybe this is what they called "emansipasi wanita" but i dont think thats a good way to get his attention, and i dont think i should be one of them, i think a girl should be treated as a princess/queen LOL. if a men really into you then he will show their effort to get your attention. agree?? just wait him to find you,well.. im not talking about pride, but sometimes we really gotta sacrifice what we feel and start to use our little brain. think real and dont be such a naive. well..to be honest.. ive been sacrifice my feeling though.. :P you know i once got crushed to someone when i first met him... i dont know if im just admiring or real into him, when we both text to each other..i just reply as simple as it is.. i dont know what had happened to me that time..i just blank and dont know what to say.. LOL. i tested this feeling and try to put aside this damn blue/galau but still he really drives my curiousity. could you imagine that we didnt get in touch with each other but i still keep having my crush on him? lol. stupid me. but im still stand in the box, i know my ability, i think its impossible to have him though. :P so i just hiding myself and watch him from a distance.. lalalala.. you can call me 'his secret admirer or whatever' haha.. oohh stop it floo..!! thats kinda disgusting! lol..well you see?? i just told you to stop being naive but im the one who is naive!! NAHH !! i dont really know what love is but i think THATS A LOT LIKE LOVE! but still.. i wont let myself to catch them instead of let them to catch me. Girls! remember this quoutes " if you love them then set them free, if they come back to you then he is yours! but if he didnt then its not meant to be!