Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We need someone (or whatever you named it)

neither of u and i, we need someone,
whether we noticed or not, how often we create and make some list of our expectations about "someone".
first of all, im gonna say 'it is okay to list all of our expectations, it means that we own our standard which is help us to define what we need and what we want'

this is true story, "a list of our expectations about someone" xoxo =D
- i wish someone is handsome/ beautiful,
- Smarter than me,
- Taller than me,
- financial stability, ahaaa
- promising employment/position,
- own houses/apartment
- own car,
- own lotta money, money and money.

we wish that someone is qualify to our expectations.

but, have you ever think that all of our expectations is all about status ? pride ? or something ? LOL.. xD

well, lets say and review the fact.. as we heard before,so many story behind a success people, family / a relationships that seems perfect in front of so many peoples, they own everything and they got what they want.. this is what u see. however, do they happy and how do you know if they're succeed with their marriage or relationship? some of them might be succeed but some of them might be ended up their relationship. :) my question is WHY they ended up? *kepo mode on*

unfortunately something across on my mind, it whispering me..(lol! kiddin)
i ask to myself, how i define "HAPPINESS" ??
we all know, Happiness is when our life meet our expectations. rite? but are you sure with that statement ?
here it is, a common mindset from all people around the world. *CHEERS*
"HAPPINESS IS MONEY AND THE EXCEPTION IS MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING BUT EVERYTHING NEED MONEY" IF U WANNA BE HAPPY, SO GET MUCH MONEY" That is SO TRUE. money is not gonna expired and endless. everyone wants money, its stupid and sanctimonious if u dont want money. LMAO.

obviously, money is also a problem why a relationship won't work.
because to fulfill ur expectations, ur partner dont know how to value "quality time" did they have time for that? noo, they have no time for u, they work,work,work, and lifes become boring huh..? they dont even know how to enjoy their hardwork and time, it must be balance, Work Hard-Play Hard. So u started to complaint and say "ALL I NEED IS YOU, YOUR TIME" huh? CRAPP!!!

Actually, who we really need is Someone who can spend their time and value their relationship more than anything, someone to understand what is 'quality time'. someone can make us feel comfortable, laugh, caring each other and a shoulder for us to rely when we're down, a person who is able to accept u for who u are and not for what u are. if u notice, Truelove never expect anything but to accept everything whether its good or bad. complementary each other, someone who is never get bored with 'real' you. someone who can make u feel perfect when ure with them, imagine,, how precious if u found someone like this, it is very uneasy to find, but if u already got someone u need, i think ur grateful must beyond everything. it must be awesomee rite?

sometimes what we want is not what we need.
life is like a wheel and it is fluctuative. we dont know what is going to happen tomorrow, the rich can be poor, the poor can be rich, the weak can be strong, the strong can be weak. nobody can predict life, it just happen and out of ur reach.
So, expect less from others, life is hard, people can change whatever and whenever they want to, So we gotta find someone who is able to accept the real u and not gonna change even if the fact that we are not good enough than others.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inner and Outer Beauty

Kata orang cantik itu relative yang penting hati.. tapi apa benar statement ini masih berlaku.. pada kenyataannya tidak semua orang mengerti apa yang dinamakan cantik. Buktinya ni ya teman2.. yang sering tanpa kita sadari , kita suka menilai seseorang dari penampilannya, betul kan? Penilaian pada pandangan pertama dari mana? Dari penampilan fisik juga toh.. faktanya orang yang cantik secara fisik itu lebih utamakan,, dan hal itu udah ga asing lagi deh.. inner beauty seseorang bisa di lihat setelah melewati suatu komunikasi, penampilan hanyalah bagaikan bungkusan kado yang belum diketahui isi yang ada didalam bungkusan tersebut.
Menjadi cantik siapa sih yang nggak mau..setiap perempuan pasti menginginkan dirinya diberikan anugerah kecantikan yang sempurna dari Tuhan, menjadi cantik dan menjadi perhatian orang. Masing2 orang memiliki jawaban yang berbeda dan itu kembali kepada sejauh mana orng tersebut menilai arti sebuah kecantikan.
Sering kita dengar kalau inner beauty yaitu kecantikan yang berasal dari dalam, sudah jelas bahwa kecantikan memang bukan saja melihat secantik apa wajah kita, tubuh kita, tp kecantikan dari dalam dapat mendongkrak sisi terburuk yg kita miliki.
Kecantikan tidak dapat dinilai dari satu sudut pandang saja, melainkan dari banyak segi sudut pandang. kecantikan adalah perpaduan dari keindahan lahiriah dan batiniah, keindahan lahiriah tanpa keindahan batiniah akan terasa hambar jika tidak diseimbangi.
Patut untuk disadari bahwa outer beauty tidak akan abadi, namun inner beauty adalah abadi dan it sparks everywhere. “TETAP LAH PERCAYA DIRI WALAU SIAPAPUN DIRI KAMU” cantik tanpa percaya diri akan menjadi hambar. Percaya diri walau tidak cantik itu yang menarik dan akan menjadi menarik! Maka dari itu jadilah bahagia! kita sebagai perempuan akan memancarkan sisi kecantikan dalam diri kita, bagaimana untuk menjadi bahagia? Gampang kok… dengan cara bersyukur aja kita akan merasakan bahagia. =)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

shopping babe

actually it was yesterday and i tried to post but too bad my internet connection was just a crack. sigh..
however, yesterday i went to shopping at mangdu with my fellas "rence,olip,catherine,djai" we had a lotta fun, we eat,saloon-ing, and shop till broke. lol. anyway, im suppose to post because of the tasks of PR-online, so i'll post anything i want to post. LMAO.. keep visit my blog, will u? xoxo =)